Monday, 9 December 2013

Trolls vs. Menoth, 25 points

Long Riders (min)

Menoth (Rick):
Blessing of Vengeance

We were playing Incursion scenario (the one with 3 objectives, one of them disappears at the end of second player's first turn). My opponent wins the die roll, so he decides to go first.

Round 1: Severius puts Defender's Ward on BoV and the rest of the Menoth stuff run forward. On my turn, Doomshaper puts Fortune on Long Riders and moves forward. Beasts and Long Riders run, Janissa advances and places a wall near Earthborn. The objective in the middle disappears.

Round 2: Reckoners shoot 4 times on Long Riders (because of two Vassals) and get very high damage rolls, but they manage to kill only one, because Trolls are Tough. BoV runs, so Severius can use him to destroy another Long Rider by arcing Immolation. On my turn, Doomshaper decides not to upkeep Fortune, activates and casts Purification to get rid of Defender's Ward, then casts Fortune again, but on Mulg. Mulg charges BoV and destroys him. Last surviving Long rider gets up and moves forward. Janissa advances and puts wall in front of Doomshaper. Earthborn runs and gets in b2b with an objective, so I get 1 control point at the end of the turn.

Round 3: One Reckoner shoots at Janissa and kills her. Second Rckoner shoots at Mulg two times, dealing some damage. Severius puts Vision on the Reckoner that is closer to Mulg. I score another control point. On my turn, Long Rider charges one of the Reckoners and gets very good Damage roll, so Reckoner uses the Vision to avoid taking damage. Then Mulg charges the Reckoner and destroys it, ending his activation dangerously close to Severius. Earthborn stays in b2b with objective and Doomshaper pops his feat. I get third control point.

Round 4: Choir gives the surviving Reckoner attack and damage bonuses. Vassal allows the Reckoner to shoot once at Mulg and he makes a lot of damage. Then Reckoner charges - both Assault and charge attack damage rolls are extremely high (one is triple six or 6,6,5), so Mulg ends up dead. I get my fourth control point. On my turn, I only run with Doomshaper in b2b with the flag and win the game on scenario.

More short reports coming up soon!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Few short Trollbloods battle reports

In one of my older blog posts, I described the Grim Angus list I've been using for some time (the original post can be found here). I really believe that this list can win a lot of games games, but I needed to test it, so I played several 35pt games during the last few weeks. This is the list I used: 
  •  Grim Angus (+6)
  • Troll Impaler [5]
  • Dire Troll Bomber [10]
  • Earthborn Dire Troll [10]
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl [2]
  • Troll Whelps [2]
  • Long Riders [7]
  • Horthol [5]

This list has low model count, but i think it has great hitting power and good threat ranges. So, let's see what happened.

Game 1: Khador

My opponent played eVlad. I cannot remember the exact list, but i think it was something like this: Spriggan, Kodiak, Drakhun, MoW Demolition Corps, Manhunter, Yuri the Axe and some other minis. I had to use the feat defensively here, to prevent Vlad's super - humans from charging. Actually, this situation is very interesting - sometimes, you have to use the feat to defend your models (and I've seen a lot of players forgetting that). Turn later, I got an opportunity to kill Vlad. Grim placed Marked for Death on eVlad, Lanyssa zapped him for 6 dmg. Impaler put his animus on Bomber. Bomber hit Vlad with the first bomb, but missed with the second, leaving Vlad at 1 point. I was able to pull this off - but I realized that I made some big mistakes with positioning - so my Impaler was unable to attack, because he was too far. Grim died the following round (ouch).

Game 2: Khador

Khador again. This time, pButcher, Winter guard with standard and kovnik, Beast 09, Drakhun, War Dog, Manhunters & Yuri, Widowmakers, Kell Bailoch. The opponent played a little bit defensively - I set everything up very easy. Grim popped his feat; he was too far for Marked for Death but he still could shoot. So, he shoots and puts some damage on Butcher. Earthborn picks Drakhun up, throws him on Butcher, misses, but the Drakhun lands exactly behind the Butcher. Impaler then threw his spear, got critical hit and slammed Butcher against the Drakhun and boosted the damage (rolling an additional die for damage, because of the slam). Bomber activates then - the first bomb killed the Butcher. In case that something went wrong, Horthol and one Long Rider had Butcher in charge range. This is one of those games where everything works like a charm.

Game 3: Legion

Since this game was played a while ago, I can't really remember every single model that my opponent played, but I remember his warlock was pVayl, and he had Typhon, some Shredders, Raptors and some other stuff. Both of us used the first turn for moving/running. In the second turn, he managed to put some hurt on my Long Riders, but then he made a grave mistake (especially when facing a list like Grim's): he moved Vayl too close to my models and spent all his Fury. Some of his models were also placed very conveniently - so in my next turn, Long Riders activated and slammed things around, knocking Vayl down as well. She almost died from collateral damage; Grim activated next, fired one shot and ended the game.

After three games with this list, it's still early to say anything, but I definitely see potential here: you have access to slams, knocking stuff down, SPD and DEF penalties and good ranged attacks. Since these were all casual, caster kill games, I still have to see how this list would work in Steamroller scenarios. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated.

New posts coming soon!

Hi everyone! 
Recently, I decided to start posting again after a very long pause. There was not any new content on the blog for some time, mainly because of me deciding to spend time on some other activities and competitive WM/H scene in Belgrade almost completely collapsing. The game itself did not die - there were still small groups of people playing it, but there were no tournaments or leagues. I continued to play with my friends, so was fighting Menoth, Orboros and Cryx on a regular basis.  

But, it seems that the situation is changing now - suddenly, a lot of new players showed up and league is starting again. A tournament is planned for the end of December - and more than 20 people should show up (if this happens, it's going to be absolutely great)! Anyway, my group is preparing for this tournament, so expect to see posts with battle reports and some list ideas in the next couple of weeks.