Monday, 9 December 2013

Trolls vs. Menoth, 25 points

Long Riders (min)

Menoth (Rick):
Blessing of Vengeance

We were playing Incursion scenario (the one with 3 objectives, one of them disappears at the end of second player's first turn). My opponent wins the die roll, so he decides to go first.

Round 1: Severius puts Defender's Ward on BoV and the rest of the Menoth stuff run forward. On my turn, Doomshaper puts Fortune on Long Riders and moves forward. Beasts and Long Riders run, Janissa advances and places a wall near Earthborn. The objective in the middle disappears.

Round 2: Reckoners shoot 4 times on Long Riders (because of two Vassals) and get very high damage rolls, but they manage to kill only one, because Trolls are Tough. BoV runs, so Severius can use him to destroy another Long Rider by arcing Immolation. On my turn, Doomshaper decides not to upkeep Fortune, activates and casts Purification to get rid of Defender's Ward, then casts Fortune again, but on Mulg. Mulg charges BoV and destroys him. Last surviving Long rider gets up and moves forward. Janissa advances and puts wall in front of Doomshaper. Earthborn runs and gets in b2b with an objective, so I get 1 control point at the end of the turn.

Round 3: One Reckoner shoots at Janissa and kills her. Second Rckoner shoots at Mulg two times, dealing some damage. Severius puts Vision on the Reckoner that is closer to Mulg. I score another control point. On my turn, Long Rider charges one of the Reckoners and gets very good Damage roll, so Reckoner uses the Vision to avoid taking damage. Then Mulg charges the Reckoner and destroys it, ending his activation dangerously close to Severius. Earthborn stays in b2b with objective and Doomshaper pops his feat. I get third control point.

Round 4: Choir gives the surviving Reckoner attack and damage bonuses. Vassal allows the Reckoner to shoot once at Mulg and he makes a lot of damage. Then Reckoner charges - both Assault and charge attack damage rolls are extremely high (one is triple six or 6,6,5), so Mulg ends up dead. I get my fourth control point. On my turn, I only run with Doomshaper in b2b with the flag and win the game on scenario.

More short reports coming up soon!

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