Sunday, 8 December 2013

New posts coming soon!

Hi everyone! 
Recently, I decided to start posting again after a very long pause. There was not any new content on the blog for some time, mainly because of me deciding to spend time on some other activities and competitive WM/H scene in Belgrade almost completely collapsing. The game itself did not die - there were still small groups of people playing it, but there were no tournaments or leagues. I continued to play with my friends, so was fighting Menoth, Orboros and Cryx on a regular basis.  

But, it seems that the situation is changing now - suddenly, a lot of new players showed up and league is starting again. A tournament is planned for the end of December - and more than 20 people should show up (if this happens, it's going to be absolutely great)! Anyway, my group is preparing for this tournament, so expect to see posts with battle reports and some list ideas in the next couple of weeks.   

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