Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A converted Legion of Everblight Ravagore!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, but I think it'll be worth it. I've successfully, if I do say so myself, converted a Ravagore and found a use of a common home item in doing so. I'm sharing it with the world:

Okay, here's PP's Ravagore:

I don't like it's pose. It's like he's blowing flames on something in B2B with him. I like it more like in the artwork:

That's more like it! So, let's get busy.

First off I'm lazy enough to have an original Carnivean still unassembled, and I'll be using some of Carnivean's parts on the conversion, the tail being the most important. I want the Ravagore to coil around itself as much as possible. Here are the parts, with a special photo on the different tails and the difference in the old full torso and the new hollow two part torso:

Do note the hollow torso:

Now, the torso leans slightly to the left, and I want my creation to coil to the right, so I'm going to do something drastic. I'm cutting the torso along the armor plates in three places, in paralel cuts:
Додај слику

Додајте видео запис

Уклони обликовање из избора
Looks horrible, doesn't it? I've managed to avoid the little spines along the bottom edge of scales, but it looks unusable. Oh, well, lets see more of those cuts, from above and from the inside::

I've cut them deep right into the hollow. Now, I spread them by jamming a screwdriver into the cuts, photos are from above and from the side:

still looks horrible, doesn't it? But what I've achieved is that the torso now leans to the right! Yes, now we're getting somewhere!

But the beast is still too stooped. Got to straighten it up somehow.

That's how the lower torso would look like assembled straight onto the abdomen. But what if I could, you know:

Yeah, at that angle it looks better. just to cut into that lower torso:

It looks good. There is a large gap, but still. How would the complete torso look?

Nice! At this point, I should assemble the thing and then greenstuff the gaps. But, the hollow is too big and greenstuff too "liquid" and expensive to just putty everything inside. What to do?

To be honest, I didn't know. I thought about using pieces of sprue, I tried to convince myself that a thin layer of greenstuff applied from the inside would hold (no, it wouldn't) and then I derped my way into:

Yes, simple kitchen alu foil will set itself deep into the hollow, will not spill out and doesn't even need any glue. Just jam it in there and it will hold.

If I ever need to fill a hollow of a model again, I will use alu foil.

Now, how does it look:

It's kind of hard to make out, but you get the gist.
No additional problems need to be solved, so onto assembly. I've skipped the pinning part of the process, but let me tell you there was a LOT to pin.


Standard Carni lower body
Ah, the beast takes shape! Let's see some more angles:

Yeah! Now, to complete sub-assemblies, including the big talon and the small limb that need to be reposed:

Let's see those bits that needed reposing:

So, all done? The arms should be attached to the body after the extensive green stuffing, and the flames will not be glued until after the painting. So, it's green stuff time! First layer:

Hum. The torso should come out really well, lets zoom in a little:

Still a lot of gaps? Like Shrek, you need to think LAYERS. First layer should fill out the skin to be nice and smooth and transition nicely into non-mutilated skin. Who cares that the carapace looks wonky right now.

Note: I'm concentrating on the upper torso. Rest of GS work was kind of done along the way.

So, next layer we do the carapace, and we're done:

Hey not bad! Cut marks and stuff! Now to sculpt a couple of scales on the abdomen...

Oh boy. Not my best work, but it'll do. I sculpted a couple of bumps on the carapace, just for giggles. And a big vein onto the big arm. Anything to draw attention.

And it's complete (actually, it needed another GS session to fill out gaps that I noticed after I attached the arms- oh well. Put in more bumps on the carapace, it's easy. Roll a ball of GS and then press it so it forms a coin like form. )

Yeah! And now, let's see it PRIMED- so that only surface matters, and not the green/metal colors.

Not exactly artwork? Yeah, I find a lot is wrong with it. But also a lot of it is right: the full sculpt body is bent completely differently to the original - I can just imagine other gamers figuring that one out! I used the power of the kitchen alu foil! And, I GSed it well enough that none will be the wiser. It should cover the awkward abdomen scales and odd limb poses. The mini towers over other Carnies in this pose, it will have real presence on the table. I am very pleased with this.

The joke's on me, though - while I was working on this one, PP released plastic heavies. I still can mod those plastics the same as I did this metal one. But it will be much easier! I can cut into plastic with a precise scalpel, and not the butchering saw... although I can bend the plastics only with the help of a hair dryer. Well, when I buy another Ravagore, I'll make the cuts on the lower side of the stomach, so that when bent, it will bend upwards and shoot that fireball in a true ballistic arc. So many ideas...

Well, now I have to paint my beast. Happy gaming!


  1. WOW. Man, I gotta see this thing on the table! Fantastic conversion!

  2. Excellent work on one of the least poseable figs PP ever made!