Friday, 23 September 2011

Everblight conversions!

Hi everyone!

I'm a new contributor to this blog, and I hope my posts will be useful. To start, I'd like to talk about conversions, and let's say that it's hard to do in metal, and PP minis are mostly metal...
Well, my first army is one of the "spammiest" ones around (meaning to get really competitive you should use multiples of the same unit in a given army) and, as such it was necessary to modify some of the minis I happen to have in multiples. I'll showcase them here, hopefully it may set off some creative thoughts.

First off the Angelius:

I have two, and the one on the left is converted and looks kind of like an "8" or an "&" from the side. I'd say it is even more elegant than the original.

Next, the Seraphs (Seraphim?):

Don't they look surprising? Wings can be bent in surprising shapes on this model, resulting in the two converted pieces on the right.

Now, the sorceress on hellion, where it was necessary to convert both rider and the beast:

Well, you can see the ugly bump near the end of the tail. My skills with green stuff need some polishing.

Next, the deathstalkers:

Well, the model is practically one piece, and the only conversion I could think of is to alter the position of the sword hand. It wasn't easy.

I think those were my cool conversions. But creative process sometimes runs dry, and that resulted in a couple of rather lame conversions:

Yeah, the forsaken. I just changed the arm into a "Zeig Heil" pose... I really want an alternative sculpt... if just to fill up on various looking Forsaken for the Absylonia theme force... Perhaps in Domination...

Aaand my shepherds, also just a different angle for the arm that holds the stick... due to the size of the weapon and the influence it has over the figure, this one isn't as lame. Or I'm just comforting myself.

Anyway, that's it. Haven't seen a lot of conversion type pics for WM/H floating around... except for that winning battlegroup on CMON (pThag, Angelius and a Neph soldier, all converted), so I think I actually made a contribution here! In my following posts, I'm going to do 3 or 4 conversions step by step, explaining the basic idea and documenting with pics to a (hopefully) satisfying result.

Comments? Questions?