Monday, 28 February 2011

Windless Wastes Tournament - 6th March

The third week of the league draws to a close and with we enter the final stage of the battle. Rather than just carrying on as usual we are going to intensify things with a Tournament event for all 8 players. Entrants will get all the usual map points and commendation stamps and there will be a medal for the tournament winner presented alongside the championship coin for the league winner.

The event will take place at Sigil on Sunday 6th of March from Noon until 16:00 and have 3 rounds of action.
Round 1 25 points - Fight Club (8 mins per turn) (so roughly 20 pts of beasts and 10 points of warrior models - based on the warcaster/warlock having 5 jack/beast points)
Round 2 35 points - King of the Hill (10 mins per turn)
Round 3 50 points - Supply Line (No time limit)

For all events players can use of the advantages of all the territories of the global map and 1 different stratagem per game in the first 2 games and all the remaining stratagems in the 3rd game.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shattered Ground Leagues Round Up - Week 2

The leadership race hotted up this week and culminated with Skorne taking the lead by a single point. Nemanja's Cryx moved into the 50 pt games bracket and he is poised just 1 win away from the leaders. A run of games by either Trollbloods or Menoth could see them quickly move up the leader board and with half the allotted time gone things are looking bleak for the bottom 3.
Snows are falling over the streets of Belgrade and that should inspire Shunka and Uros. Wednesday looks to be a busy evening with Skorne, Orboros, Trollbloods, Khador, Cryx and Everblight all confirmed as attending. The very ground will shake......

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shattered Ground Leagues Round Up - Week 1

The end of the first week sees Dalibor's Orboros in the lead with an impressive 2 wins and 1 loss. Skorne made an effort to catch up with 2 wins late in the week and Menoth and Cryx share the 3rd spot. New boy - Nemanja has yet to get a win but is learning the game rapidly and this has got him up the leader board.
Miroslav and Shunka lurk mid table and need a win or two to launch them up the ladder.
Uros and Milos are both yet to get off the mark yet but there's still plenty of time to make a run. Tonight at least another 4 games are expected including Orboros vs Skorne and this could see plenty of things change.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Shattered Grounds at Sigil!!

Windless Wastes starts tomorrow night.

That's right a 7 man line up will be fighting for the pride of their factions in this 4 week intensive league. the action is set in and there is a desperate land rush to secure territories and usurp your opponents.

In the line up we have a fantastic mix;

Milos - Cygnar
Dejan - Menoth
Shunka - Khador
Miroslav - Trollbloods
Dalibor - Orboros
Uros - Everblight
Nemanja - Cryx
Rick (me) - Skorne

The rules, league specific model cards and back story can be found at;
Shattered Grounds Rules
Windless Wastes Rules
Alternate unit/model cards
(Remember if you are playing these models you MUST use the alternate cards)
Windless Wastes Back Story

The map and list of territory bonuses can be found at;

Each week we'll do a round up of the event as it happens and give local results and how the global map stands.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

News from Templecon

It seems that there are many surprises at TempleCon 2011. There's a lot of information about new Warmachine and Hordes stuff on Twitter and here's a few things I found out:

  • 10 new warlocks for Hordes: 4 epics, 4 new, 2 minion warlocks and new character warbeasts
  • Anthology books are planned for 2012 (believe me, I'm confused as much as you are)
  • Wrath have 6 warcasters. Elves get some very cool stuff and a new story cycle.
  • IK RPG players will get something new and shiny (probably new edition of IK RPG
  • Game clubs without stores can now buy league kits. New league format offers a patch for each participant
  • Forums will support clubs communication. Cant't wait to see that one!
  • Seaforge gets some new stuff, but no one knows when. There will also be a new Rhulic caster.
If something new shows up - I'll post it here. So, it seems that we can expect 16 new casters until the end of this year. My wallet commits suicide. 

    Friday, 4 February 2011

    Some new terrain pieces

    The guys from Dreamspirit Wargaming have something new to show. Check out their new terrain pieces:

    You can see the complete picture gallery here. Do not forget that these terrain pieces (and much more) can be found at Dreamspirit web store, so be sure to check it out.