Monday, 28 February 2011

Windless Wastes Tournament - 6th March

The third week of the league draws to a close and with we enter the final stage of the battle. Rather than just carrying on as usual we are going to intensify things with a Tournament event for all 8 players. Entrants will get all the usual map points and commendation stamps and there will be a medal for the tournament winner presented alongside the championship coin for the league winner.

The event will take place at Sigil on Sunday 6th of March from Noon until 16:00 and have 3 rounds of action.
Round 1 25 points - Fight Club (8 mins per turn) (so roughly 20 pts of beasts and 10 points of warrior models - based on the warcaster/warlock having 5 jack/beast points)
Round 2 35 points - King of the Hill (10 mins per turn)
Round 3 50 points - Supply Line (No time limit)

For all events players can use of the advantages of all the territories of the global map and 1 different stratagem per game in the first 2 games and all the remaining stratagems in the 3rd game.

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