Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Shattered Grounds at Sigil!!

Windless Wastes starts tomorrow night.

That's right a 7 man line up will be fighting for the pride of their factions in this 4 week intensive league. the action is set in and there is a desperate land rush to secure territories and usurp your opponents.

In the line up we have a fantastic mix;

Milos - Cygnar
Dejan - Menoth
Shunka - Khador
Miroslav - Trollbloods
Dalibor - Orboros
Uros - Everblight
Nemanja - Cryx
Rick (me) - Skorne

The rules, league specific model cards and back story can be found at;
Shattered Grounds Rules
Windless Wastes Rules
Alternate unit/model cards
(Remember if you are playing these models you MUST use the alternate cards)
Windless Wastes Back Story

The map and list of territory bonuses can be found at;

Each week we'll do a round up of the event as it happens and give local results and how the global map stands.

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