Wednesday, 19 January 2011

MK1 book collection

Recently, I decided to collect all of the MK1 books for Warmachine. Since I mostly played Hordes during the MK1, I had all Hordes books (and I absolutely love them). For some reason, I wasn't interested in Warmachne fluff, despite people telling me that it's great. But, as the time went, I realized that I enjoy this game more and more. And so, I got Prime, Esalation, Superiority and Legends very cheap - the only book I'm missing now is Apotheosis. Man, I was missing a lot. These books are great. Even now, with all MK2 books finally printed, those MK1 books are still great to have. The story is interesting and the art is fantastic. Funny thing is that I actually believe that MK1 books were A LOT more interesting that MK2 faction books. It was only because you had all of the model description, fluff and art on one place. That made those books unique. I really miss such format.
Anyway, here's my little collection:


  1. I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, as I recently got into Warmachine and Hordes. I've managed to track down all the Warmachine Books, but I can't seem to find a list of the all the Hordes Mk1 books. Do you have a list, and in which order they were released? I'm somewhat of a completionist and would really like to read the fluff from start to finish.

    1. No problem, here is the list of books (in the order of publishing):

      - Prime
      - Escalation
      - Apotheosis
      - Superiority
      - Legends

      - Primal
      - Evolution
      - Metamorphosis