Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Grim Angus Assassination List, 35 pts

Grim Angus was always one of my favorite TrollBlood warlocks (if not THE favorite). Last week, I got the Dire Troll Bomber and then I realized that I may have all of the key pieces for one nasty list. The list I am going to write about is for 35pt games and consists of a "core" part and the "flexible" part. 

The Core

These models make the core of the list:
- Grim Angus (+6)
- Troll Impaler [5]
- Dire Troll Bomber [10]
- Earthborn Dire Troll [10]
- Lanyssa Ryssyl [2]
- Troll Whelps [2]

That's 23 points. The remaining 12 points can be spent on other things, but I will cover that later. As you can see, Grim have a lot of tools here, and he can also give some great abilities to other Trolls. If you cast Cross Country on bomber, and also give it Impaler's animus, the Bomber will be able to sit behind the forest and throw POW 16 AOE 4 bombs at models up to 12" away. His real threat range is acutally 17" (SPD 5 + 8 + 4). If grim uses Marked for Death, Bomber will be able to hit models with Stealth AND they will get -2 to DEF AND he will be able to get them regardless of LOS. With Grim's feat and Marked for Death, target is in a BIG trouble. The same applies to the Impaler. So in the first case, grim can use his feat, cast Lock the Target, shoot at the enemy, and the Impaler and Bomber can finish the job. Do not forget that Grim can also knock the target down with his snare gun - this may be better option if the warcaster/warlock has high defense. Just pop feat, cast Marked for Death (if it's needed), knock the enemy caster down and let the Impaler and Bomber loose. If the warcaster has low ARM, Lanyssa can also help - because she has RNG 10 POW 12 magical attack.

The other option is not so obvious. Impaler, Bomber and the rest of the list could be used to clear the way for  a ninja Earthborn. Earthborn already has Pathfinder and Grim can give him the Hunter ability (with Cross Country). If Grim hits and damages the target, Earthborn gets +2" of movement. Lanyssa can cast Hunter's mark on the target, giving Earthborn another +2" and a free charge. Finally, Earthborn gets +2 to SPD if he starts his activation within 2" of rough terrain (keep in mind that this one is situational, but in most games I've played there is always some rough terrain). So, on his charge, Earthborn has a threat range of 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 +3 = 14", and he does not need to be forced. Of course, you need to have clear charge lane to pull this off - the rest of the list could be used for punching a hole big enough for EBDT. If grim pops his feat and uses Marked for Death, EBDT will hit it's target easily. Grim can also knock the target down so when EBDT charges... you get the picture. The best part is that if Cross Country is on EBDT he can ignore forests, so if there is any forest near the table center, that may be a good position.  

Whelps are in the list because you will need to have some way of discarding Fury - Grim can't do it on his own and these warbeasts can generate a lot of fury. 

The flexible part

Now, this part of the list can be configured in many ways. Long riders are good option, because Cross Country is great on them and they can slam, do impact hits, they cannot be taken down so easily and their threat range is decent. for 12 points, you can take minimum unit of Long riders and Horthol, so you will have access to Follow up and boosted impact hits. They are excellent for knocking things down and clearing the way for Earthborn or for shooting. 

The other unit that comes to mind is Gatormen Posse. They are great here because they can have Pathfinder, they are hard to take down and their damage output is very high. Because they have access to Pathfinder, Grim does not need to spend his Fury to cast spells on them. Grim's feat and spells help EVERY model in your army - that is one of the many good things about this warlock. 

That would be all for this time. Tell me what do you think about this list; any comments are appreciated. Have fun! Here's some Troll music for the end:

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  1. You find that Grim works better with a Bomber than a Blitzer? I also have trouble taking him without Bushwhackers. Love those little guys.

  2. Well, to be honest - I wasn't even considering taking Blitzer instead of Bomber. I think Bomber is way better because he can destroy multiple models, and if any single model gets hit with two boosted POW 16 attacks... he's going to feel a lot of pain. I played two games with this list this week and I will post the battle reports soon - probably tomorrow. I am very satisfied with how it performed.
    As for Bushwackers - they are good and I was thinking about taking them. Thing is, I have to have something that can clear potential threats to my key models (or just keep them busy) - bushwackers may be an overkill. I am not certain here - have to test more, to be sure.