Thursday, 20 January 2011

Battle report: Cygnar vs. Legion of Everblight (35pts)

Last night I played 35-point game against Cygnar. This was the list I played:
- Epic Thagrosh
- Carnivean
- Typhon
- Shredder
- Warmongers (5)
- Warmonger warchief
- Forsaken

On the other side of the table was the Cygnar army:
- Commander Coleman Stryker
- Ironclad
- Lancer
- Charger
- Precursor knights (6)
- Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
- Gun mage adept
- Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
- Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
- Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
- Reinholdt

Cygnar went first. During the first turn, they moved into position. I was a little worried because of all that shooting - my caster is on a large base, so it's very easy to get a line of sight to him. During my first turn, the beasts advanced; Typhon used his animus, Thagrosh used it as well. Thagrosh cast Dragon's blood on warmongers and moved forward. Warmongers run. Forsaken gets some fury and that's it.

Precursor Knights advanced and used Shield Wall order. Everyone else moved a little bit closer. One Warmonger was shot to death by... someone (I can't remember). On my turn, I decide to put some hurt on those gun mages and charger before they get to me. Carnivean and Typhon use their spray attacks, but unfortunately, I kill only one model - I was unable to hit high DEF, even with boosting. Typhon also puts some decent damage on Charger with one of his sprays. Warmongers charge Precursor knights and Lancer. Some knights die, but my Berserk attacks fail to hit the Knights, even with Warchief in play. Warmonger who charged Lancer rolls snake eyes as his charge attack. Blah. Thagrosh goes on the hill, and uses Typhon's animus. He uses his spray attack to kill one of the Precursor knights. Now it's going to be tough.

End of  turn 2
And it is: Aiyanna hits Thagrosh with Kiss of Lyliss and then Gun mages, Charger and Hold shoot at him. Good thing is that Thagrosh is on the hill, so his DEF is 15 - and Typhon's animus helps a lot. Anyway, after the dust settles, Thagrosh is left on 3 hit points. That was close. Anyway, I get a Shredder (yaay!). I also had one Fury point for transfers. B13th Team kills one Warmonger and Lancer advances so Stryker can cast some spells on Thagrosh. He uses Arcane blast, but misses, and then pops his feat.

On my turn, Warmongers kill the rest of the Precursor Knights, but they also hit each other, because of the Berserk rule. Warchief charges Holt and kills him, then kills Aiyana, then hits charger, but deals no damage because of it's high armour. Carnivean kills 3 Gun Mages, Rhupert and Gun Mage Adept, while Typhon kills Charger. Shredders charge Lancer to deal some minor damage and annoy him.

Stryker tries to hit Thagrosh with his guns and spells but the damage he rolls is too low to penetrate Thagrosh's armour. Ironclad does nothing, just tries to block charge lanes to Stryker. B13 fail to damage Thagrosh. On my turn, Carnivean advances and throws Ironclad on Stryker - and hits. Warmongers then charge the warcaster and kill him.

I haven't played Legion for a long time - and I also haven't faced Cygnar for a long time. My opponent is a great guy and he will get much better - this is only his 3rd game. Epic Thagrosh looks great - but I still have some doubts when it comes to his usefulness. Anyway, I played him in only two games, so I have to play many more before I make any conclusions.

I also got some new stuff for my Trollbloods army:

Yeah, it's Dire Troll Bomber and Whelps. So, my next game is going to be with Trollbloods (I bet this was a big surprise :P). Can't wait to assemble DTB and see him in action. And Whelps are also cool. I am probably going to play Grim Angus. Prepare for some shooting, Troll style!!!


  1. great battle, keep it up!And PLS, more pics :)

  2. Ok, will do! My camera fails me every time :D

  3. Good battle Report. Even if Cygnar did lose ... to cheaty Legion. :O)