Monday, 6 December 2010

Big Trolls. Lots of 'em.

There is a certain army list that I just can't get out of my head. Since MK1, Doomshaper was one of my favorite casters.When epic Doomshaper showed up, I was really looking forward to playing Doomy with lot of Dire Trolls and some support.

I didn't playing Doomy much since MK2 came out, so two weeks ago, I decided to play him on the tournament. The tournament itself was very different from what we usually play - it wasn't so much about being competitive, as it was about promoting the game. The emphasis was on using fully painted miniatures and cool terrain pieces. The tournament also took place in an art gallery called "Progress". The gallery is located in the very centre of the town and has walls made of glass - so passers-by can see what's going on inside. The Warmachine/Hordes event was side event - the main thing was the Flames of War tournament.

Flames of War tournament
So, I decided to play a 'casual' list - epic Doomshaper and a lot of big Trolls. So, here is my list:

- eDoomy
- Dire Troll Mauler
- Earthborn Dire Troll
- Mulg the Ancient
- Gatormen Posse (3)
- Krielstone bearers (4)
- Stone scribe elder

There was no plan behind this list. Just run up to your opponent and try to kill as much as possible. It turned out that this plan worked most of the time. Additionally, this list contained some very cool models and everything except Mulg was painted (but I am planing to paint him really soon). A lot of people came to the gallery to see what the hell are we doing and many kids were running around my table, looking at the Trolls and saying things like: "Oooh, look at his teeth!!!", "Wow, it's a cool monster!" or "Do you have more of these?" It was great - I was really having a good time.

The battle for the Cygnar... device.
The games were friendly, but since I had to promote the whole thing and be the judge in the same time, I dropped out of the competition after round one. It was me against Dejan, again. Dejan's list was as usual - Reznik with Avatar, some jack whose name I cannot remember, Bastions, Knight Exemplars and a lot of support stuff. But, my Trolls ate them. No really - I used the snacking rule whenever I could.

Uros (Eveblight) and Dejan (Menoth) fighting for the altar.

The game was short and brutal. My gatormen killed one Bastion and Mulg and EBDT ate the rest ("GET IN ME BELLY, URRGH!!!"). Avatar (backed up by Vassal) tried to get close to Mulg, but I have already seen what Avatar and Vassal are capable of doing. So, my Mauler just threw the Avatar on some Knights, and then Mulg ended his life quickly. Knights destroyed my EBDT because they got some insane damage rolls and Reznik charged the Mulg and killed it (he was rolling one additional damage die because Mulg had an upkeep spell on him). But, he got too close to Mauler, who just charged and ate him.

Later, I had an opportunity to play a friendly game with Vuk. Vuk hasn't been playing for some time, so this was more a demo than the real game. I was playing only to do some crazy stuff and I succeeded - I ate 6 members of Winterguard unit in one turn, healing Mulg completely :D Nothing can describe the joy of snacking. No, I'm dead serious - I'm going to use this rule in every single game with Trolls, I just love it.

Anyway, the whole event was great. I will post some pictures as soon as I find them. A lot of people saw the game and I think we have some new players. I also managed to do some painting - I should get camera during the weekend, so I can take a few pictures of what I've done. That's it - for now.    

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