Saturday, 6 November 2010

[New stuff] Oh, shiny!!!

Despite my promise that I won't buy any miniatures for some time... Oops, I did it again (but the Children of Bodom version, not the Britney's. Unfortunately both of them suck big time. Aw, damn... let's get back to the important things). As some of you know, I was always looking at Khador. Recently, I decided to start collecting them - and man, they are so fun to play. So, on Wednesday (our first official club night, yaaay), I bought these models:
  • Widowmaker marksman
  • Gorman di Wulfe
  • Old witch of Khador and Scrapjack
I really love Widowmakers (even if Dejan keeps hitting and killing them with AOE deviation rolls) and this guy makes them even more dangerous. The ability to move again after they kill something is great. Old Granny is quckly becoming one of my favorite warcasters even tough I have never played with that model :D I just can't wait to see her in action! And Gorman just screams and begs to be played in her list - but really, I can see him in most of my Khador lists. Black oil + Gallows is going to hurt (when it hits, of course).

Now, next Wednesday, a lot of things is going to happen. Rick wants to try Rasheth. I will accept the challenge and I'll play the Old Witch, since we are using our casters for the first time. So yeah, there will be some virgin blood. A lot of it.

On the other hand, there is also a chance that Dejan and I face Rick and Nenad in 2 vs. 2 match. Since the scenario we played this Wednesday turned into bloody mess (report coming soon), we'll play some old - fashioned, 2 vs. 2 multi-player games. I expect nothing less than total madness.

Here's the little teaser for the upcoming battle report. Something is very wrong with this picture. Yeah, there are some Menoth and Khador models. Notice the Cryx army in the corner? There's one more army on the table. Are we insane? Probably. What the hell is going on here? Stay tuned.

Somethingis VERY bad is going to happen here...
Until next time, beware of клетва баба Живане.


  1. So basically you took a photo of the two unpainted armies and left out the painted ones. Including my fantastic pigs!!!

  2. Oh, but there are more photos coming up in the report. I hope I have some photos of the pigs.