Saturday, 13 November 2010

Club Night Battle Report

This little battle had quick assassination written all over it but in fact turned into a hard grind sort of game that saw both player have the chance to win.

35pt Caster Kill Scenerio

Stef (Cryx)
Master Necrotech Mortenebra +4
-Cankerworm 5
-Deathripper 4
-Harrower 10
-Slayer 6
10 Mechanithralls 5
-Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls 2
Bloat Thrall 2
Gorman di Wulfe 2
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall 1
Warwitch Siren 2

Rick (Orboros)
Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris +3
-Gorax 4
-Feral Warpwolf 9
-Pureblood Warpwolf 9
Shifting Stones 2
10 Wolves of Orboros 6
Wolf of Orboros UA 2
Blackclad Wayfarer 2
Lord of the Feast 4

The board was set with multiple forests (cough, cough) on both sides. Along the centre there were numerous walls and hedges providing linear objects, cover and concealment. This was my first MK2 game with Orboros and I quickly realised how different they are to Skorne (my primary faction). I sorely missed running my beasts hot and using pain givers to remove fury.
Stef won the toss and went first. His set up was a clump in the middle of the table with Jacks and Mech Thralls at the front. I set up with the Wolves, stones an Blackclad behind a forest on my left that straddled the middle of the table. The beasts and Kaya were in the middle and the Lord of the Feast on the right.

Round 1
Cryx moved up with the Scrap Thrall, Mechs and Jacks running and Morte, Deryliss, and the other solos staying back. The Deathripper (with a boost from the warwitch) runs across the table towards where my Wolves are deployed. I put Forced Evolution onto the Feral Warpwolf (what a great spell!!) and cast Shadow Pack (leaving 1 Fury) and move forward. Kaya and the LoTF find themselves behind a wall in the middle. The wolves run toward the forest and the stones phased into the same forest. It is important to note that one or two of the wolves couldn't fit into the forest and stuck out.

Round 2
Now I have faced Morte before but I tend to forget Overrun. This is a bad mistake and possibly fatal. 3 focus goes to the Harrower, the mechs then cleared the way and Morte activates. She moves up , feats and casts Terminal Velocity. Deryliss then activates and puts overrun on the Harrower. Not wishin gto waste time, Stef charges the Harrower at a WoO and after killing him and getting a soul he moves forward to Kaya. Across a wall she's DEF 18 and the Harrower needs 12 to hit. He has 3 focus and a soul and proceeds to lay into her. The first attack hits and stef decides to boost the damage. It's a huge roll and I have to transfer it to the Gorax, which it nearly kills. The second roll hits and the damage is not so big so Kaya can take it. The third a final attack misses and even though there is a reroll it misses again. Kaya is alive and stef is left kicking himself that he boosted the damage on the first attack and did not use it to buy a fourth attack. The slayer and Cankerworm move up and does the other models.
So luck aside I have a problem. I can use Laris' animus to put the Harrower beind me but I really don't want to leave this thing alive. I upkeep Forced Evolution and cut myself for 1 to get back to 5 Fury. Stef has placed Gorman and the Necrosurgeon next to the bloat thrall and I have a plan. I use the Blackclad to move up and spray the Bloat but unfortunately don't kill it. I then Run Laris to the far edge of the forest so that I am still in Kaya's control area but can see that ugly group. The Warpwolf activates and attacks the Harrower. With some very underwhelming dice I manage not to kill it. The warpwolf is on 4 fury though, so I need to be careful. I use the Pureblood to move so that I am safe from the Cankerworm but use the spray to take out the lone scrap thrall. Lame I know but Kaya is not on great health and frenzying beasts could literally be the death of her. I then use the LoTF to finish off the Harrower before activating Kaya. She uses her attacking spell to finish off the Bloat an cause a nice 5" pie. This takes out quite a few Mechs (though the Necrosurgeon survived due to sacrifical pawn) but Gorman survives on 1 wound. She again keeps a fury spare. The shifting stones move to block charge lanes to Laris and the heavily wounded Goax just advances.

Round 3
Stef has to regroup as his primary plan has failed. The Cankerworm, Slayer and Warwitch move forward. The Death Ripper now blocks any charge lane to Mortenebra for the WoO that can see her. Deryliss pus spectral steel on the Slayer. After bringing back 3 Mech Thrall they do their thing. Some charge the Warpwolf (missing because of his high DEF) one manages to kill the Black Clad and one puts some damage on Laris. One Shifting Stone is also destroyed.
My turn is one of clearing Mech thralls. Again unglamourous but I have to be patient. The Gorax moves up and puts primal on the Feral Warpwolf. The LoTF and Kaya clear the Mech Thralls and the FWW charges the slayer and again fails to put it away. It has a couple of boxes left but that includes its cortex. The Pureblood is still out of the action and it's spray misses both the Necrotech and Necrosurgeon. Both the Warwitch and the Cankerworm have charges to it but I am risking that it'll survive their attacks. The wolves clear the forest of Mechanithrall and put a bit of hurt on the Deathripper and Laris shifts his position for next turn. Even though Stef drew first blood I am now starting to get the upper hand.

Round 4
Stef gives the Slayer 3 focus and has Spectral Steel upkept. The necrotech moves up and fixes it back to fully operational (though it is still 6 or so boxes from being destroyed). Mortenbra/Deryliss do the whole Terminal Velocity/Overrun thing again. The Slayer then activates and with suprising efficency totals the feral warpwolf. Judging it to be out of range of Kaya it moves into the edge of the forest and kills the WoO officer (note to self - mini-feat earlier!!). The warwitch tickles the pureblood and the Cankerworm takes the safe option and kills the Gorax. The Death Ripper misses the WoO model hugging it despite terminal velocity and the Necrosurgeon is now more or less alone and simply tries to get in the way.
So - it's time for me to do my assassination run. Kaya is on 6 fury. Laris runs to engage Mortenebra. Kaya activates moves forward and uses 2 fury to cast Laris' animus. She appears next to Morte and with the flanking bonus and some decent dice rolls (the perfect time for them to come good) I kill her and claim a hard fought victory.

This means I am at 100% success rate with Orboros in MK2. I actually really enjoyed the game because playing Orboros is like the antithesis of playing Skorne. You don't want to get your opponent into a moss pit, you hate not getting the alpha-strike and heavy warbeasts are seldom overkill. Having both armies is really interesting.
I see why Morte is rapidly becoming a favoured tournament caster. An outrageous threat range, great assassination potential and really useful utility throughout. It really is almost like playing against eMakeda with that whole feat/spell/bullet option

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