Sunday, 7 November 2010

[Battle Report] The first club night

If you follow the blog, you have probably noticed that we started playing Warmachine and Hordes regularly, every Wednesday at "Sigil" game store. For our first meeting, we decided to play one multi-player scenario; I do not know the exact name of the scenario, but it was published long ago in NQ magazine. One player is defender, and he deploys in the center of the tale. The other players are attackers and they try to kill him, but also, they try to kill each other. Defender needs to survive for 5 (or 6, I don't remember) turns to win the game... or he can simply destroy the opposing armies. 

So, for our first game, Dejan was the defender and he played 50pt Harbinger list; the rest of us played 35 point lists. Rick was playing his new pig army, led by Lord Carver. Stef was paying Cryx and Mortenebra and I decided to try pSorcha. 

After setup, Dejan got the first turn. He destroyed some Mechanithralls with his Deliverers (yes, they were causing troubles... again. Fortunately, not for me this time) and did some other stuff, mostly preparing to face the attackers. On my turn, I shot Harbinger with Disruptor bolt (so she lost all her focus points), then advanced Sorcha, used Wind Rush and then used my Feat (yes, that was the meanest thing I could possibly do). So the situation was something like this:

Harbinger is about to die.
Rick just moved his pigs and shot at Dejan's Zealots. Dejan really couldn't do much on his turn, because a lot of his important models were frozen and Harbinger was unable to replenish focus. His Avatar charged one of the Cyx jacks and destroyed it in just 2 or 3 swings. On my turn, I shot the Harbinger with Eyriss, then shot her with Destroyer and rolled enough to finish her. Game over. 

"Ok, now you are going to be the defender," Rick said to me. I spent some time thinking what to play and decided to go with 50pt Strakhov list. I wanted to get to Rick's beasts as fast as possible and hope that Dejan and Stef will have to meet each other at the center of the board. There was not much action during the turn one, but on my second turn I used Strakhov's feat and manged to kill Rorsh, Gun boar and some other stuff. Unfortunately, that was all I could do. Stef used Mortenebra's feat, then cast Overrun on one of his 'Jacks (Harrower, I think) and easily killed Strakhov. 

Strakhov's army prepares to charge Lord Carver's pigs.
So, after two relatively short games, we realized that we would definitely avoid scenarios like this one for some time. I think that 50pt army against three 35pt armies is too much. Defender should have 75pt army, then the game would be more balanced, I think. Otherwise, with all the abilities, feats and effects present in the game, defender will die quickly and painfully. 

Next week, we will play some good old 2 vs. 2 battle. I also expect to play some 1 on 1 games against Rick's pigs, or maybe face some of the new players (maybe Nenad and his Orboros army). 

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  1. I'm actually not giving up on Siege at Fort Lawton. I think the scenerio needs the following tweaks to be very exciting and competitive;
    1. The defender uses a 50pt army and the attackers all use 25pt armies.
    2. The fort is located in a corner not the centre and the 3 opposing forces are all equi-distant from the defender.
    As they are in a corner the defender will only ever face a maximum of two attackers and even then they will be very close. I am very keen to play the role of the defender using a Xersis frce and think I can do quite well. Maybe in a couple of weeks.