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Army Lists: Cygnar

The two lists below represent an example of a ‘Combined Arms’ list and a ‘Tournament Level’ list. Recently the fashion is for players to play combined arms lists at clubs and small events. These are lists where the models form an all round useful list. It has melee and shooting and magic and assassination potential. The tournament list usually falls into one of two categories. The first is the assassination/alpha strike list; this means they are almost guaranteed to either get a chance to kill the caster or hit the enemy so hard that they can never recover. In MK1 the king of these was the Epic Vlad lists that won all the major events. The second tournament list is called the ‘Magic Bullet’ list and it is designed to stop another tournament list. These lists usually appear as a second list in the tournament player’s arsenal and are designed to take out the Achilles Heel of their primary tournament list.
While Combined Arms lists struggle to have the competitive advantage of being able to always deliver a chance to win (the dice Gods willing) they are much more fun to play and usually can deal with certain lists that the tournament list can’t. With the Tournament list you will almost always get a shot to win but they can be a bit routine (move forward do this in this order and if your lucky and your opponent isn’t very cagey, you win) and can be brought down by a Magic Bullet list.

Combined Arms

Commander Coleman Stryker +6
- Lancer 6
- Ol' Rowdy 9
- Squire 2
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team 4
Long Gunner Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) 10
Storm Lances (Leader and 4 Grunts) 11
Journeyman Warcaster 3
Major Katherine Laddermore 5
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt 4
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord 2

This list basically allows Cygnar a fantastic amount of board control for objective based games and also has a number of threats whilst being able to defend very well. The primary objective is to buff the Storm Lances and charge them into the enemy front lines. They form a difficult barrier that the enemy must deal with and behind which the rest of the force assemble. By the time the opponent has chewed through them they are facing knock down through the Lancer and Combined Ranged Attacks from the Long Gunners not to mention Ol’ Rowdy and Stryker breathing down their necks.
Round 1 (Stryker gives 1 focus to the Lancer and if the enemy has a credible ranged threat takes 1 from the Squire)
JMC puts Arcane Shield on the Storm Lances and sits back – he is now finished until he recasts Arcane Shield on Stryker for the end game.
The Storm Lances move up in a row of 3 followed by a row of 2. If they can have rough terrain or some small obstacles in their way then that works out as even better. Laddermore is flanking them and Rhupert Carvolo is behind the back row ready to give them pathfinder (this turn he gives the cavalry +1 DEF). The lancer runs behind the Storm Lances. Stryker casts Arcane Shield on the Lancer and Snipe on the Long Gunners and moves up. He may need to put Blur on himself, depending on the opponent’s list. Ol’ Rowdy and the Squire join him. Aiyana & Holt and the Black 13th do their own thing but stay safe and minimize the threat of ranged attacks (both units should have stealth).
Round 2 (If the Lancer can arc Earth Quake onto a priority target it gets a focus. Stryker takes a focus from the squire and both Stryker and the JWC upkeep all their spells)
If the opponent has a line/lines of infantry with heavy hitters behind them: The lancer moves up to be touching the front row of Cavalry so that any spell scatter won’t hit them. Stryker moves up and feats making sure to catch the front of the opponents first line within the feat range as this is where his front row will soon be. He arcs Earth Quake into the front row specifically targeting high DEF models. Rhupert moves up and gives the Storm Lances pathfinder. Laddermore then runs to the side of the front line. If possible she should be out of the way so that if the opponent dedicates resources to kill her, it would severely dampen their ability to deal with the problem they will have right in front of them. She should of course be with 5” of where the Cavalry will hit any warjacks or beasts. The first 3 Storm Lances charge the front row while the other two stay 5”-7” back. They try to impact the front row (especially if they are knocked down) and have their charge attack (at MAT 9) on the row behind. With the electro-leaping each one can hit 3-4 models. If they hit a jack or beasts they are POW 17 +3d6 near Katherine. They are also ARM 25. Under the feat, the Long Gunners are now safe from scattering AOEs so can move forward to CRA a key solo or take down the opponent's ranged units. The B13 and A&H can find relative safety in the region behind all the cavalry. Ol’ Rowdy stays close to Stryker.
If the opponent is Jack/Beast heavy: The jacks and beasts will chew through the Storm Lances even under the feat. Use all the same tactics as above but maybe wait a round to pop the feat. In the first instance the opponent would be forced to commit the heavy hitters as they infantry wouldn’t be able kill the Storm Lanes – in this instance the heavy hitters are already committed and the feat is superfluous.
Round 3 (Stryker keeps the focus to himself and all upkeeps stay in place)
The Lancer should have easily survived the feat round and should no longer need focus. With Arcane Shield in place it should be able to eat a free strike from infantry to move to a better position if necessary. This round is otherwise similar to the last except that A&H and the B13 should now be playing a far bigger part. Use Harm on a large target before charging with the remaining Storm Lances and Katherine. Clever use of the B13 will mean stealthed models are killed and the opponent is now still having to chew through ARM 20 cavalry but with less models and increased alternate threats.
Round 4/5 (End Game)
The Arcane Shield spells switch to Ol’ Rowdy and Stryker. If the Long Gunners are alive their threat combined with Earthquake should win the day. Remember Ol’ has Counter Charge but remember that Stryker is DEF/ARM 18 while next to him and immune to sneaky knockdown assassination attempts. With the use of Harm and Holt and even boosted attacks from the JMC a victory is very obtainable here.

Tournament List

Captain Allister Caine +5
- Thunderhead 12
- Squire 2
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) 6
- Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer 2
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) 6
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team 4
Rangers 5
Sword Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts) 6
- Sword Knight Officer & Standard 2
Captain Arlan Strangewayes 2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution 3
Gun Mage Captain Adept 2
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan 2
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator 1

In this list only several models are important. The first of course is eCaine. He has a basic threat range with his guns of 19”. With some very easy planning his threat range for the purpose of the assassination run goes to 23”. If he is 23” away from your caster and has line of sight to them – you are very likely to die.
The second 2 models that are essential are the squire and Reinholdt. They provide Caine with a further 2 shots. The fourth are the unit of Rangers. They are going to give Caine +2 on his RAT and make it 10. With this he isn’t going to need to boost ‘to hit’ rolls. Epic Eiryss is there to strip away any nasty upkeeps like Arcane Shield or Iron Flesh. The Arcane Tempest Gun Mages with UA, B13 and THead are also useful. They are all great at clearing infantry and can help in getting LOS for Caine. The THead can also give him a push to extend his threat range by a further 1” (therefore 23” instead of 22”). Madelyn Corbeau with her Intrigue ability to move Warcasters is also another nice to have. Given the extreme threat range she is not always necessary but the ability to zig-zag is great for opening up LOS angles if the opponent is hiding behind large based models or terrain.
The Sword Knights are simply chaff used for dying until the assassination run begins and Strangeways is great for giving the THead a focus point that he may or may not need. This list lacks grind potential – if your opponent survives the assassination run you are probably going to lose but it takes a hell of a lot to survive it. The procedure is simple; an avenue of attack opens up. First the Rangers activate. Throughout the game they have been hiding in terrain and running a single member forward to aid the Gun Mages in killing whatever is coming at them. Here the Rangers run so that 1 of them is within 5” of the caster. Next, using the measurement of the control zone a sword knight moves 9.5” – 10” away from Caine slightly at angle to the opponents Warcaster. If Caine may need that extra inch Strangeways gives the THead a focus and he pushes Caine. Caine (having taken a focus from the Squire and an extra shot from Reinholdt) charges the Sword Knight in the back. Unless two 1’s are rolled he hits and is still facing the warcaster. With his second shot he starts on the warcaster. First shot is a POW 13. He then uses Reinholdt’s shot for a POW14 hit. He then buys up to 7 more shots which increment in POW to POW 21. This is over kill on most casters and very likely to kill even caster’s that are focus camping or keeping a lot of fury in reserve for transfers. Of all the tournament level armies this is one of the nastiest. If the caster has stealth Caine can get around that with the B13 or True Sight. DEF 16/17 casters may survive with bad rolls from Caine but those casters typically have low ARM. Better to shoot the first 2 or 3 shots at any low DEF warjack/beast in range and then even if some shots miss later you should be at a high enough POW to kill your target.
Terminus with his sacrifical pawn is a typical Magic Bullet to this army although with a hill nearby the Gun Mages and B13 can clear away nearby mechanithralls/revenant crew.
A pMakeda/Xersis’ brick could also cause this list problems. Even with Eiryss dispelling Defenders Ward the brick is a fast moving group of ARM 22 (Krea) multi-wound models and it can be very difficult to get LOS to the Warlock.

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