Friday, 22 October 2010

Is Severius so severe?

Ok last night I played my first 75pt game. The list I choose was designed to bring the game to a conclusion within 3 rounds. It was essentially a Tier 4 pMorghoul list with 5 titans (2xBB, 2xGlad, 1xCan) and one of each of the 3 cyclops with arquarii and 2 full units of paingivers and a unit of bloodrunners with 2 master tormentors. I faced a kind of old enemy in pSeverius and my opponent only brought 1 arc node and his only real shooting threat was a unit of deliverers and A&H. Apart from those it was a '4 heavy jacks and a lot of exemplar' force. Zealots were there as were the choir but it definitely had the feel of a grind Menoth force.I went first and with 8 AD arquarii and AD blood runners and BRMT - took a very strong position in the middle of the board. Dejan moved the arc node forward and more shifted about but the flanking force of the blood runners unnerved him and I think he was unsure of their threat. Very quickly I managed to neutralise his key threats. The arquarii dragged the Revenger (which had defenders ward) over and along with the Savage were able to make sure that it would never be able to survive all the free strikes and arc (it died at the beginning of round 3) and a bronzeback with admonition caused the Avatar to fail a charge and lose the opportunity to put up Menoth's Gaze. The Avatar then also died quickly in round 3 having not achieved anything the game. The blood runners and a BRMT managed to kill the unit of deliverers and A&H and then the game was really a case of Skorne pushing forward and Menoth counter-striking, albeit with a rapidly weakening force. The game went on for 5 rounds and I seem to remember that everytime I play Severius it becomes a slow attrition game. With his control area basically affecting to the middle of the board from within his deployment zone Severius in essence became a focus giver for jacks that upkept Eye of Menoth. Without an arc node Ashes to Ashes and Immolation targets were non-existent and so he ended up fulfilling that one role. Don't get me wrong - 7 focus dished out and high Mat, high POW 'jacks (my list was devoid of shooting and magic) are excellent but in a match with 4 heavy 'jacks vs 5 heavy beasts and paingivers keeping those beasts fury free - there was only really going to be one winner (especially after the Avatar died for free). I simply find that each time I play Severius that he really doesn't do a lot despite all his spells. He lingers back and, unless he takes 3+ arc nodes, his spells are not much use to his front line - and by the time the action is close enough for him to take part in - his army has been decimated and he's staring down the barrel of a loaded warbeast. I imagine that in Kill Box he would really struggle as even pot shots from boosted Pow 12s are going to quickly take chunks out of him. You really need a Devout and then that is a defensive models onto a caster that is already quite defensive. Anyway kudos to Dejan he played well never allowed me to get anything past his front line of any consequence and it made for a very hard fought game.


  1. So, we have the first battle report. Unfortunately I was not able to stay until the end, because I was very tired. Anyway, my impression is that it is WAY more complicated to play bigger games in MK2, than in MK1.

  2. Certainly more draining. I think I might stick to 50pts.